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Direct Home to School Transportation
If you are busy with your daily activities and do not have the time to drive your children to school, then allow us to do that for you in a safe and convenient manner. 

Dear Parents,


GLOBALPRO in partnership with SOCCER-SOCCER is proposing a personal door to door pick up directly from the homes of students to school and back once the school day is over.


GLOBALPRO has plans that would allow its minivans to pick up children at their homes, which will initially be available to families living in Bertrange and Strassen.




Due to the fact that only 8 seats are available per van and only 2 minivans are available right now, demand might be higher than space allows. Therefore student spaces will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis and no preferences shall be given. In the future, more minivans will be available allowing for more students.




The prices are set solely on location of the pickup and drop off; either Strassen or Bertrange. Please note that these prices are based on a monthly basis.


Strassen – ISL - Strassen                200.oo €          TVA Included


Bertrange – ISL - Bertrange            210.oo €           TVA Included


Leudelange – ISL - Leudelange      210.oo €          TVA Included


Mammer – ISL - Mammer                220.oo €           TVA Included


Our prices match those of the current bus transportation supplied by Sales Lentz, except for a slight increase due to the aspect of picking up children up door to door instead of on a set route.


Also, instead of being dropped off in front of the school, children will be taken under supervision by the bus driver directly to a central meeting point (the Hillside building reception) located in the Hillside building.


All you have to do is to fill out a form with all the required information and we will create and send you the route with the time schedule for your child !

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